Requirement to Feed one's Wife - Mezonot

The husband may not send his wife out to work, but she is praised if she opts to do so of her own desire: Pesachim 50b
The "Feeding" requirement as a Rabbinic institution, in exchange for her production: Bava Kama 8b
Responsiblity of providing food for daughters, as well: Bava Metzia 14b
Wife's Ability to refuse food: Bava Kama 8b
[In-]ability of the husband to refuse to feed his wife, telling her to work for herself: Gittin 11b, 12a-13a
Responsiblity of the husband to feed his wife, where she was sent to a City of Refuge for Accidental Murderers: Gittin 12a
Responsibility of the husband to provide Food, if he gave her a Divorce Bill in a manner which may be invalid: Bava Metzia 12b
Collecting for the Obligation to Provide food for one's Wife and Daughters, from Property bound to another person: Bava Metzia 14b
Marrying a woman on condition of not having to fulfill the requirement of providing food, clothing and sexual satisfaction: Kiddushin 19b; Bava Metzia 51a-b
Whether a man must refund the money to another person who feeds his wife for him: Nedarim 33b
Does a woman receive food support if she was married to a man who was rabbinically prohibited to her: Bava Metzia 67a
Does a woman receive food support if she turns out to be an aylonit: Bava Metzia 67a
Does a woman receive food support if she performs miun: Bava Metzia 67a

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