Rava's Public Life

Rava and the Jews of Rome: Megillah 26b
Rava was termed "Shevor Malkah," the name of a ruler of the time: Pesachim 54a
Deciding Law for the people of Mechoza: Pesachim 5b, Moed Katan 22a
Examining Rav Pappa: Eruvin 51a; Pesachim 55b
Sent money to Shevor Malka to avoid harrassment by the gov't: Chagigah 5a-b
Was harrassed by the government despite the above, as a result of an Evil Eye of Jealousy by the Rabbis: Chagigah 5b
Harassed by a Sadducee on "Naaseh VeNishma [We Will Practice & We Will Listen]", and his response: Shabbat 88a-b
Rava was disliked by the people of Pumbedita: Shabbat 153a
Rava on the people of Mechoza: Rosh HaShanah 17a
Told field-workers to have in mind that their acts were for Matzah for the Mitzvah when working with sheaves of wheat: Pesachim 40a
Told the people of Mechoza of a plaster to cure pain, and the doctors were upset until he pointed out that he hadn't given people the cure for a certain rash: Shabbat 133b-134a
Told the people of Mechoza to bring clothing to the soldiers housed with them, on Shabbos, by wrapping it around themselves as clothing: Shabbat 147b
Told the men of Mechoza to honor their wives, so that they would become wealthy: Bava Metzia 59a
Rava permitted use of turnips brought to Mechoza by Gentile merchants on holidays, because they were clearly old, and had been picked before the holiday. The fact that they had come from outside the limit of Travel [Techum] was not a problem, since they had been brought for other people. Rava rescinded his permission when he saw that the Gentiles were bringing more: Eruvin 40a
Permitted the people of Mechoza, and later only Mevarchita, to use rams which had been brought by Gentiles to Mevarchita for sale on a holiday: Eruvin 47b
Rava upset with himself for ruling on a leniency against the Sages, because a non-canonical lesson [contemporary to the Mishnah] could have been understood to side with them: Shabbat 134b
Allowed a a boatload of wheat which had sunk [in water] to be sold to Nochrim before Pesach; then changed his mind and had them sell it [to Jews] in small portions to finish it before Pesach: Pesachim 40b
Attempted to include the pronounciation of Hashem's Name in "Yud"-"Hay" form in a public Lesson: Pesachim 50a
Sent the Rabbis home after 4 cups of wine, despite fear of Magical Zugot, and was unconcerned despite Rabbah Bar Livai's illness: Pesachim 110a
Claimed that Rabbah Bar Livai's illness had occurred because he would interrupt and attack Rava while Rava was delivering a Lesson: Pesachim 110a
How a party in a case which Rava was judging failed in attempting to fool the court, by hiding money he owed in a cane and passing it to his creditor before taking an oath: Nedarim 25a
Ways in which Rava dealt with a situation where the hot water which had been prepared to bathe a child after a Shabbat circumcision had been spilled out: Eruvin 68a-b
Rava taught a law, and then was corrected by Rav Pappa. Rava then set up a public forum, with an official speaker [Amora], and recanted: Eruvin 104a
Rava rendering a ruling in case, then becoming upset [ichsif] when it appeared he had made a simple error - until it turned out that he had been correct all along: Bava Metzia 81b
Rav Yosef bereih d'Rava questioning his father Rava's ruling: Bava Metzia 83a [2x]

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