Gid haNasheh - The forbidden sciatic neurovascular bundle

Whether one may not eat it: Pesachim 22a
Whether one may not benefit from it: Pesachim 22a
Gid hanasheh from a wild animal: Pesachim 23b
Eating the gid hanasheh from an animal that did not undergo shechitah: Pesachim 47b; Makkot 22a
Whether one may benefit from the gid hanasheh in benefiting from the animal that did not undergo shechitah [neveilah] containing it: Pesachim 23b
Whether the gid hanasheh is considered to be meat and to contribute taste to a mixture, or not: Pesachim 22a, 23b
Whether there is an extra prohibition against using the gid hansheh from a non-kosher species of animal: Pesachim 22a
Lashes for eating the gid hanasheh: Makkot 21b
Liability for cooking and eating gid hanasheh in milk on Yom Tov: Beitzah 12a-b
Status of gid hanasheh from a koy: Keritot 21a

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