"Koy" Creature

The koy as a creature of unique taxonomy [briah bifnei atzmo]: Yoma 74b; Keritot 21a
Eating its forbidden fats: Yoma 74a-b; Keritot 21a
Eating its blood: Yoma 74a-b; Keritot 21a
Eating its gid hanasheh: Keritot 21a
Eating a koy which died without shechitah [kosher slaughter] and so is a neveilah: Keritot 21a
Bringing a korban asham taluy [offering for uncertain guilt] if one ate its potentially forbidden fat: Keritot 17b-18a
Whether its body communicates impurity, if it dies without shechitah [tumat neveilah]: Keritot 21a
Its status, in terms of its inclusion in certain categories in the event of certain vows: Nedarim 18b
Covering its blood after it is killed: Beitzah 8a-b
Slaughtering a koy on Yom Tov: Beitzah 8a-b
Concern that if one covers a Koy's blood, people will assume its fat is permitted, since one may eat the fats of those animals for which blood-covering is a requirement: Beitzah 8b

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