Type and Quality of Reimbursal

Ability to Collect from Those who Purchase the Borrower's Fields during the time of the Loan: Bava Kama 8a
Collection is from the Purchaser of the debtor's last Property: Bava Kama 8a
Quality of Reimbursal: Bava Kama 7b-8a; Bava Metzia 77b
Payment comes from Intermediate-class Property: Bava Kama 7a, 8a
The Rabbinic Institution to have Debts paid from Intermediate Quality instead of Cheap Quality, so that people would still lend Money: Bava Kama 8a
Option for Borrower to offer repayment from Intermediate-Class property at the current Low rate for evaluation, vs. Cheap property at the annual High Rate: Bava Kama 7b
Where the Borrower has only High and Middle Class Property: Bava Kama 7b
Where the Borrower has only Middle and Low Class Property: Bava Kama 7b-8a
Distinguishing in the above case between:
  • If the Borrower Sold his Best Property after liability, or not;
  • If the Borrower's Intermediate Property is equal to that of others, or better;
  • If the Value of Property is judged in comparison with that of others, or only that of the Borrower;
  • Whether Loans are repaid from Intermediate Property, or Cheap Property.
  • All of the above appear in Bava Kama 7b-8a
    Where a Single Individual Purchased the Property, but he Purchased the Finest Quality after the Rest: Bava Kama 8a-b
    Where the Purchaser sold off the Intermediate and Cheap sections of the Borrower's former Property: Bava Kama 8b
    Where the Purchaser sold off the Expensive Section of the Borrower's former Property: Bava Kama 8b
    Where the Purchaser sold off all of the Borrower's former property, except some of the Intermediate Property: Bava Kama 8b
    Above case, where the Purchaser then sold the remaining Property to Another Party: Bava Kama 8b
    Is a borrower permitted to pay back a 100-zuz debt with individual zuzim, one at a time: Bava Metzia 77b

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