General Issues of Angels

Angels do not have an Evil Nature: Shabbat 89a
Angels do not feel jealousy: Shabbat 89a
"Pamalya Shel Maalah" [Heavenly Hosts]: Berachot 17a
"We Will Do and We Will Listen - Naaseh VeNishma" as the secret of the Angels, according to a Divine Voice: Shabbat 88a
The angel representing a nation is hurt, when its nation is hurt: Succah 29a
One who doesn't rely on superstition is brought closer to Gd than the Angels are: Nedarim 32a
Moses died in Reuven's part of Israel, and Gd moved him to his burial in Gad's share, with the accompaniment of the angels: Sotah 13b
The "ministering angels" complaining to Gd that the Jews do not deserve Divine favor: Berachot 20b

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