Fear and Worrying

Advice on Worry: Yoma 75a
A person cannot know the day when his fears will be assuaged: Pesachim 54b
Better to eat of one's own labor, than to have awe of Heaven: Berachot 8a
Offering food to the bringer of the Yom Kippur Scapegoat, so that he will have peace of mind: Yoma 67a
Worrying of the Generation of the Desert for the next day's food: Yoma 74b
People are responsible for whatever happens to them as a result of fright, because they possess the self-control to prevent it: Kiddushin 24b
Fear keeps people from thoughts of sin: Niddah 13a
Fear of spiritual failure and its associated punishment: Gittin 55b [and see Tosafot there "Ashrei"]
Relying on omens may cause one to worry and self-fulfill a negative omen: Keritot 6a
One who thinks he might have sinned will dedicate a korban asham taluy knowing he may not be guilty, because he is worried: Keritot 23b-24a

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