The General Prohibition against Moving Certain Items on Shabbat

Nechemyah's Edicts against moving certain vessels: Shabbat 123b-124a
The use of a vessel, in laws of forbidding items for movement, is determined by actual use and not what it is fit for: Shabbat 123a, 123b
Whether items which one may not move are prohibited Rabbinically or Biblically: Pesachim 47b-48a
Differentiating between prohibitions against moving forbidden items and eating them: Shabbat 128a
Weighing Movement of forbidden items vs. Respect for Creatures: Shabbat 81b
Weighing Movement of forbidden items vs. Pain of Living Things: Shabbat 128b
Putting one's animal in a location where it will be able to consume forbidden items or uncut grass: Shabbat 122a
Forbidden movement of an item via another item: Shabbat 141b
Use/Movement "from the side," in an abnormal way: Shabbat 123a, 141a [2x], 154b-155a; Eruvin 77a-b
A method of use which is more abnormal than ordinary abnormal uses: Shabbat 154b-155a
Differentiating where the movement is done with one hand or two, and with one person or two: Shabbat 123b-124a, 128a
Making a vessel unfit for its designated use: Shabbat 128b, 154b
The above line, as Rabbinic or Biblical: Shabbat 128b
Whether the laws of Muktzeh and Nolad apply on the same days, or not: Beitzah 2a
Moving a pile of items, some of which are muktzeh: Beitzah 4b

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