Respect for All Creatures - Kavod haBeriyyot

Whether this principle is overridden by concern for desecration of Gd's Name: Berachot 19b
Respect for All Creatures vs. the Biblical Prohibition against breaking a Rabbinic rule ("Lo Tasur"): Berachot 19b; Shabbat 94b; Eruvin 41b; Megillah 3b; Menachot 37b-38a
The Mitzvah of Burying a body which has no buriers is a function of respect for other creatures: Megillah 3b
The Rabbis didn't prohibit Exertion on Shabbat where it affects personal respect: Shabbat 81b
Respect for All Creatures vs. Items Prohibited for Movement on Shabbat: Shabbat 81b
Respect for all creatures vs. the law of "Techum" limiting travel on Shabbat: Eruvin 41b
Carrying in a Karmelit, to avoid violating the commandment of Respect for Others: Menachos 37b-38a
Sensitivity in one's conduct in a cemetery: Berachot 18a-b
Sensitivity to those who won't recognize the sensitivity: Berachot 18a-b
Removing one's Shatnez garment if one discovers it is shatnez in a public place: Berachot 19b
Escorting a mourner through a "beit haperas" area in which a grave was lost when leaving a cemetery, to show him honor: Berachot 19b
Respect for all creatures vs. the status of the rabbinically-decreed second day of Yom Tov: Beitzah 6a

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