The Shabbat Limit on Travel [Techum]: General Issues

Whether Techum is Rabbinic or Biblical: Shabbat 69a, 70b, 73a, 153b; Eruvin 17b, 35b-36a, 41b, 45b, 58b, 59a, 79b, 103a; Ketuvot 28b
These laws were given at Marah in the Desert: Shabbat 87b
How we know that one may travel up to 2000 cubits outside one's location: Eruvin 51a
The law follows the lenient opinion in cases of extending the Techum: Eruvin 46a-b, 80a
Whether these laws apply to Rosh HaShanah: Rosh HaShanah 32b
Whether these laws apply to Yom Kippur: Yoma 66b
Application of these laws to a military camp: Eruvin 17b
Application of these laws when it will lead to detraction from human dignity: Eruvin 41b
This law as a law regarding which one should be warned that it carries the death penalty [Lav haNitan leAzharat Mitat Beit Din]: Eruvin 17b
Punishment of lashes for violating this law: Eruvin 17b
Whether the laws of Techum apply more than ten cubits from the ground/sea-bed, or not: Eruvin 43a-b, 45b

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