Washing Hands in the Morning and Before Prayer - Netilat Yadayim

After using the Bathroom: Berachot 14b-15a
Before Putting on Phylacteries, Reciting Shema, and Praying the Amidah: Berachot 14b-15a
Reward for washing hands before Putting on Phylacteries/Reciting Shema/Praying the Amidah: Berachot 15a
Using a cleansing agent besides water: Berachot 15a
Searching for water, before Reciting Shema or before Praying the Amidah: Berachot 15a
Requirement of travelling 1 or 4 Mil to get water for washing before Prayer: Pesachim 46a
Annulment of hand-washing if the search for water would cause one to miss the time for prayer: Berachot 22a

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