Mar Ukva

Jewish Leader and Judge: Moed Katan 16b
Mar Ukva would not sit in court on days when a strong, distracting wind blew: Eruvin 65a
Mar Ukva sent letters to R' Elazar asking what he could do about ruffians who were bothering him; R' Elazar told him to wait, and they would be punished, and so it happened that they were jailed: Gittin 7a
Mar Ukva was asked by R' Yannai to send Shemuel's eye-medications: Shabbat 108b
Set of statements quoting Shemuel on various medications: Shabbat 108b-109a
Mar Ukva saying, "Mar [Master] Shemuel explained it to me this way...": Eruvin 81a
Mark Ukva was able to drink large quantities of wine after a hot bath, because he was used to it: Shabbat 140a
Mar Ukva prescribed "Chiltit [assa foetida]" to Rav Acha Bar Yosef for his "heavy heart": Shabbat 140a
Mar Ukva was ex-Communicated by his teacher, Shemuel, for not escorting him once as he usually did: Moed Katan 16b
Mar Ukva thought to keep the customs of Mourning for his wife's brother, until Rav Huna told him that this was not necessary: Moed Katan 20b
The controversial way that Mar Ukva's orphans lent out a pot to Shemuel: Bava Metzia 70a

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