Rabbah bar bar Chanah

Attempted to institute the inclusion of the Ten Commandments in Recitation of Shema in Sura: Berachot 12a
Ate "Di'Aytera [Milk from the lip of a cow's stomach]," and hiding it from Rabbah Beraih DeRav Huna and Rav Avira Sava: Pesachim 51a
Testifying as to the Measurement of the area from Kefar Ludim to Lud: Gittin 4a
Told his son that he shouldn't eat "Di'Aytera," since he only did it because he saw R' Yochanan do it: Pesachim 51a
Rav Yosef said to hold like Rabbah bar bar Chanah on issues of Succot, because all of the studies of his contemporaries agreed with him: Succah 45b
Rav and Rabbah bar bar Chanah observing a man wearing an all-Techelet garment, with Tzitzit-fringes which were all knotted, without anything dangling: Menachot 39a-39b
Yalta brought blood to Rabbah bar bar Chanah to check, and he ruled it impure, and then to Rav Yitzchak bereih deR' Yehudah and he ruled it pure: Niddah 20b
Rav Yehudah sent Ada Dayyla to "drag" Rabbah bar bar Chanah to his Lesson, and was justified when Rabbah bar bar Chanah made a point which the others hadn't known [although they should have]: Shabbat 148a
Rav Yehudah and Rabbah visiting Rabbah bar bar Chanah when he was sick: Gittin 16b
Lost a Bill of Divorce which he was a Proxy to deliver, in the Study Hall: Bava Metzia 18b-19a
Was brought to teach Torah while in mourning, because he was needed: Moed Katan 21a
Rava telling Rav Yitzchak the teachings of his father, Rabbah bar bar Chanah: Succah 43b
Rabbah bar bar Chanah followed R' Yochanan to go eat the sweet fruit grown by the Kineret, and the group of people there never became full despite the amount eaten. R' Yochanan swore, "I haven't eaten anything filling!": Eruvin 30a
Rabbah bar bar Chanah declared that he had seen the area where the Jews camped by the Jordan, and it was no larger than three parasangs by three parasangs: Eruvin 55b
Rabbah bar bar Chanah reported on what Rabbi Yochanan did with his holy scrolls and phylacteries when entering the bathroom: Berachot 23a-b
Rabbah bar bar Chanah reported a lesson in the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, to which Rav Chisda replied, "By Gd! Even if Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi himself would say this, I would not listen to him!": Berachot 24b
Rabbah bar bar Chanah's indigent porters broke his wine barrel carelessly, and he confiscated their cloaks in payment. Rav made him return the cloaks and pay their wages, to transcend his legal obligations [lifnim mishurat hadin]: Bava Metzia 83a

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