Rav Chanina

Was a bachelor, and worked as a cobbler in a poor section of town, and yet never raised his eyes to look at the women whom he fitted for shoes; the local people used his name for their oaths: "By the lives of the holy Rabbis of Yisrael": Pesachim 113b
Used to wrap himself in a special jacket and say "Let's go greet the Shabbat Queen" on Friday night: Shabbat 119a
Rav Chanina coiled up his Tzitzit-Fringes before giving the garment to the launderer, out of concern that they might be cut accidentally, and replaced with improperly dyed strings: Menachot 41b
Rava telling R' Chanina [other editions: R' Chiyya]: Had you learned from Rabbah, you would have known this: Keritot 25b

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