R' Yannai

Told a man who gave tzedakah in public that it would have been better had he not given at all: Chagigah 5a
Asked Mar Ukva to send him Shemuel's eye-medications: Shabbat 108b
Asked his children to bury him in colored shrouds to prevent his posthumous embarrassment: Shabbat 114a; Niddah 20a
His daughters were known as important, respected people, and carried themselves as such: Kiddushin 11a
R' Yannai Sava [the Elder] rescinding his grandson's vow based upon her expression of regret for the problems he had caused for himself: Nedarim 22a
He used to get dressed up and say "Come, my bride" at the start of Shabbat: Shabbat 119a
R' Yannai told R' Yochanan, "Had I not picked up the piece of pottery for you, you never would have found the gem underneath it!": Makkot 21b
R' Yannai said he had forgotten a lesson, and his colleagues had reminded him of it: Keritot 25a
R' Yannai citing R' Yochanan, even though he was R' Yochanan's rebbe: Keritot 5a, and see footnote on the daf
Reish Lakish said, regarding a statement of R' Yochanan, "If not for the fact that a great man [R' Yannai] praised you, I would have interpreted the issue differently.": Makkot 21b
Citing a decision which the rabbis made by voting [BaChaburah Nimnu viGamru]: Temurah 7a
Commenting on the remarkable significance of lessons learned from a Gezeirah Shavah: Keritot 5a

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