R' Yirmiyah

Over-extended enunciation of "Echad" in Recitation of Shema, before R' Chiyya Bar Abba: Berachot 13b
Called "Yirmiyah, my son," by R' Avahu: Bava Metzia 16b
Exclaiming "Bavlai Tipshai!" [Stupid Babylonians!] ("Who live in a land of darkness, and so give unenlightened explanations"): Yoma 57a, Pesachim 34b; Menachot 52a
R' Yirmiyah exclaiming, "Could a great man like Rav Yosef have said such a thing?!": Zevachim 44a
When Rava heard about the above, he asked, "Why do you tell him of our bad statements? [Rava then defended the statement]: Menachot 52a
Asked R' Abba for an explanation of a Dispute, and R' Abba replied, "When you find [the answer].": Shabbat 143b
R' Yirmiyah dozing off before his students, Rav Huna and Rav Yitzchak bar Yosef; then waking and calling them "Children!" correcting a statement of theirs from when he was "asleep": Gittin 11b
R' Avin and Rav Yitzchak ben Rebbe learning before R' Yirmiyah, who dozed off and then awoke to point out an error in their learning: Nedarim 29b-30a
R' Yirmiyah arguing with his own statement, and recanting it: Rosh HaShanah 13a
R' Zeira said of a statement which R' Yirmiyah had disproved, "We had this item in our hands, and R' Yirmiyah came and threw a hatchet into it!": Succah 12a
R' Yirmiyah asking R' Zeira to come learn, and R' Zeira replying that he was too ill: Taanit 7a
R' Yirmiyah as a man with fields: Rashi Eruvin 28b s.v. "leKiryita"
Set of Chizkiyah's statements quoting R' Yirmiyah quoting R' Shimon bar Yochai: Succah 45b
Set of statements which were either R' Yirmiyah's or R' Chiyya bar Abba's: Megillah 2b-3a
R' Yirmiyah travelling to the villages, being asked a question and not knowing the answer until he returned to town and went to the study hall: Eruvin 28b

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