R' Avahu

The eulogy for him: Moed Katan 25b
Referring to himself in the 3rd person: Kiddushin 31b
R' Avahu's manner of speaking in clever riddles: Eruvin 53b
R' Avahu's riddle response when the students asked him where R' Ilai was, and R' Ilai's riddle response when the students asked him where R' Avahu was: Eruvin 53b
R' Avahu's second wife (according to one reading) was the daughter of a Kohen: Eruvin 53b
The respect with which his son, Avimi, treated him: Kiddushin 31b
He left the synagogue between Segments of the Reading of the Torah: Berachot 8a
Debate with a Sadducee, using analysis of adjacent texts in Psalms: Berachot 10a
Debate with a Sadducee, on how King Saul could have called up Samuel with a Magician [Ov]: Shabbat 152b-153a
Friend of the Caesar: Yoma 73a, Ketuvot 17a
Calling R' Yirmiyah "Yirmiyah, my son": Bava Metzia 16b
Praise from a Roman Matron for R' Avahu: Ketuvot 17a
R' Avahu with the heretics "Sasson" and "Simchah": Succah 48b
R' Avahu was silent for a moment, for which the verse is quoted, "He was taken aback for a moment," from R' Zeira's question: Succah 44a
R' Avahu answering someone harshly ["migadef"]: Zevachim 12a
Giving an answer to Rav Tachlifa of Israel via hand-motions: Bava Metzia 7a
Rav Chisda taught a lesson from a verse, which Rav Tachlifa, from Israel, heard and re-told to R' Avahu. R' Avahu provided a different verse for the lesson: Eruvin 54b
Told by R' Yochanan "Pok Teni Levra [Go learn outside!]": Shabbat 106a
Answering a question "Yes" at times and "No" at others, uncertainly: Shabbat 116a
Would sit on a stool on Erev Shabbat building the fire for Shabbat: Shabbat 119a
Would have an entire animal prepared for the Post-Shabbat Meal, from which he would eat only the kidney: Shabbat 119b
Establishing the practice for the blowing of the Horn Blasts in Caesaria on Rosh HaShanah: Rosh HaShanah 34a
Talmud concluding that a statement of his is "a lie [Beduta/Beruta]": Bava Metzia 9a
Rabbi Avahu asking Rabbi Yochanan how to do a certain mitzvah, and Rabbi Yochanan replying with advice based on Rabbi Avahu's general views, even though Rabbi Yochanan personally disagreed: Berachot 24b
Set of Rabbi Avahu's statements relating to rainfall and prayers for rain: Taanit 6b-7a

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