Divrei HaYamim - Book of Chronicles

Please note that within this document, "Baraita" refers to non-canonized lessons which were taught at the same time as the Mishnah.

How R' Shimon ben Pazi began a class on the Book of Chronicles: Megillah 13a
The Baraita on Chronicles is called "Sefer HaYuchasim [Book of Lineages]": R. Pesachim 62b "Sefer"
Teaching "Sefer HaYuchasim [Book of Lineages]" to people who do not have proper lineage: R. Pesachim 62b "Ayn Shonin"
The Baraita "Sefer HaYuchasim [Book of Lineages]" was extremely lengthy: Pesachim 62b
The Baraita "Sefer HaYuchasim [Book of Lineages]" was forgotten (Rashi's trans. of "Nignaz"): Pesachim 62b
When it was forgotten, the eyes of the Sages dimmed and their strength weakened: Pesachim 62b
The number of verses in this book: Kiddushin 30a

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