R' Yehoshua Ben Chananiah

Describing how he and his peers didn't sleep during the night of the Celebration of the Water Libation: Succah 53a
Was a Levite: Bava Metzia 11b
As his generation's central opponent of the Heretics: Chagigah 5b
Combatting an Heretic in the house of the Caesar, regarding Hashem's love for the Jews: Chagigah 5b
Combatting a Sadducee regarding Gd's praise for the Jews, terming them "thorns": Eruvin 101a
Called "Yehoshua" by Rabban Gamliel: Kiddushin 27a; Bava Metzia 11b
His Parable for Havdalah ending Shabbat and Kiddush beginning the Holiday on Saturday Night before a Holiday: Pesachim 103a
Dealing with the Caesar, explaining that the "special spice" of Shabbat only works for those who keep Shabbat: Shabbat 119a
Explaining to the Caesar that he no longer came to Bei Avidan for debates because "The mountain [head] has snow [white hair], around it there is ice [white beard and moustache], the dogs [voice] don't bite, and the grinders [teeth] don't grind": Shabbat 152a
Called ugly by the Caesar's daughter, who remarked that Torah resides in such an ugly vessel! In response he suggested that she have her father transfer his fine wines from their clay jugs to silver and gold vessels: Taanit 7a
R' Yehoshua ben Chananiah claimed that he had never been bested in a battle of words, except once by a woman, once by a young boy, and once by a young girl. When the young girl bested him, he kissed her on the head and exclaimed, "Praised are you, Israel; all of you are great sages, from your great ones to your little ones!": Eruvin 53b

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