Who is [not] Required in Ascension to Jerusalem & Appearance in the Temple

An Uncircumcised Person: Chagigah 4b
A Blind Person: Chagigah 2a
Blind in One Eye: Chagigah 2a, 4b; Sanhedrin 4b
A cheresh: Chagigah 2a, 2b-3a
Someone who is a cheresh in one ear: Chagigah 3a
Someone who is Lame: Chagigah 2a
Someone who is Lame in One Leg: Chagigah 3a
Someone who is a Eved Kenaani: Chagigah 2a, 4a
Someone who is Half-eved, Half-Free: Chagigah 2a, 4a
Someone who is mute: Chagigah 2b-3a
A Minor if he is too young to walk with his father/ride his father's shoulders: Chagigah 2a, 6a
A Minor who has reached the Age of Education: Chagigah 4a
A Mother brings her under-age child to Jerusalem, which is as far as her own requirement of holiday ascension goes, and then the father brings him to the Temple: Chagigah 6a
A Minor who is Blind/Lame, but may eventually be healed, and therefore should perhaps be brought as Education: Chagigah 6a
Men who would be shunned from the group due to their odor: Gatherer of Dog Excrement, Copper Miner, Tanner: Chagigah 4a, 7a-b
The Mitzvah does not apply to one who does not own land: Pesachim 8b
An individual with a prosthetic leg: Chagigah 3a, 4a, Yevamot 103a
A shoteh: Chagigah 2a
Sick person: Chagigah 2a
Someone who considers himself too 'delicate' to be barefoot on The Temple Mount: Chagigah 4a-b
An Impure individual: Chagigah 4b
One who is of undetermined or androgynous gender: Chagigah 2a, 4a
One of concealed gender, whose genitalia are partly visible: Chagigah 4a
Women: Eruvin 96a-b; Rosh HaShanah 6b; Chagigah 2a, 4a; Kiddushin 34b
Aged people: Chagigah 2a
The wife of Jonah ascended to Jerusalem for holidays: Eruvin 96a-b

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