The Height of the Succah

Maximum/minimum height of the Succah: Succah 2a-3a, 7b; Eruvin 2a, 3a
Whether the height includes the roof or not: Succah 5b
Requisite height, where the width is greater than 4*4 Cubits: Succah 2b-3a
Requisite height, where the walls reach the roof: Succah 2b-3a
The size of the cubit used in measuring the height limit of a Succah: Eruvin 3b
Whether the minimum height requirement is Biblical or a Law Spoken to Moshe at Sinai: Eruvin 3a; Succah 5b, 6b
Shrinking the Succah to the proper height by layering various items/materials on the floor, with[out] intent to remove them: Succah 3b-4a
In the above line, the consideration of various items as part of the floor depends upon the standard practice: Succah 4a
Minimizing the height of the Succah by dangling loose particles from the roof: Succah 4a
Minimizing the Succah's height by constructing a raised platform along the middle/side of the Succah, with a width appropriate for a Succah unto itself: Succah 4a
Increasing the Succah's height by digging into the ground: Succah 4a-b
Standing on a raised section inside of a Succah, where the rest of the Succah is too tall: Succah 4b
What if part of the roof's width is above the maximum height, and part is below: Eruvin 3a

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