Sin Offering of a Metzora - Chatat Metzora

May one deduce laws from a general chatat to a chatat metzora, and vice versa: Zevachim 8a
An indigent metzora may instead use a bird-offering for his Chatat and Olah; at what moment in time do we gauge his wealth?: Keritot 9b
What happens if an indigent metzora brings the offering of a wealthy person, or a wealthy metzora brings the offering of an indigent person: Keritot 28a
How many offerings a metzora brings if he goes through several purification periods, each time finding a new mark of tzaraat just before he is able to bring his offerings: Keritot 9b
Order of the chatat and the olah: Pesachim 59a-b
Bringing it on the eve of Pesach, if it is a bird offering, after the afternoon korban tamid, to allow him to eat of the korban pesach: Pesachim 59a
Whether this chatat "sin-offering" comes to attain forgiveness, or for another purpose: Zevachim 8a; Keritot 26a; Rashi Keritot 8b "Arbaah"
Does one bring a chatat for purification/atonement if he wasn't sure whether he was a metzora, then Yom Kippur passed, and then he found out he had certainly been a metzora: Keritot 26a
What if one processes a korban chatat for sin, while having in mind it should be a chatat nazir or chatat metzora: Zevachim 9b

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