Redeeming a Sanctified Field - Sdeh Achuzah

Whether there is a minimum period of sanctification, or it may be redeemed immediately: Kiddushin 20b, 21a
If the field isn't redeemed before the Jubilee Year, it goes to the Kohanim: Kiddushin 20b
Whether these rules apply to fields owned by Kohanim or Levites: Rosh HaShanah 29a
Whether one may halfway redeem the field: Kiddushin 20b-21a
Whether one must borrow money to redeem the field: Kiddushin 20b-21a
Requiring a court of a quorum, including a Kohen, to evaluate the field's worth: Megillah 23b
Whether the redemption price changes depending upon the productivity of the field: Bava Metzia 67b-68a

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