The Signatures and Witnesses on a Bill of Divorce

[Not] Requiring that the Bill be signed with intent for the specific people involved: Gittin 3a-4a, 9b
Whether the central witnesses are those of Signing the Bill or those of Delivery of the Bill: Gittin 9b, 10b, 21b, 22b, 23a
Validity of a Bill without witnesses: Gittin 3b
How many people are witnesses, if the husband tells a group of people to Write it for him: Gittin 10b, 18b-19a
Validity of a Bill with a single witness: Gittin 3b
Signing at night, where it was written during the day: Gittin 17a
Signing it a long time after it was written: Gittin 18a-b, 19a
The witnesses sign in the presence of each other: Gittin 10b
Validity of a Bill which contains an unnecessary signature, if that signature is invalid: Gittin 4a
Validity of Bill with an invalid witness signs first, if he wasn't officially a witness but only part of the writing of the Bill for the husband's personal reasons: Gittin 18b
Having a non-Jewish witness, where his name is recognizable as that of a non-Jew: Gittin 10a, 11a
Having a Kuti witness: Gittin 9a, 10a-11b
Having two Kuti witnesses: Gittin 10a-b
Having one Kuti witness, with a Jew signing below him: Gittin 10a-b
A witness who can't read, or sign: Gittin 9b, 19a-b
Allowing a witness to trace a signature which is pre-written for him: Gittin 19a
A Bill which comes from overseas, with witnesses signed on it whose names are non-Jewish names: Gittin 11b

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