The prohibition for all human beings against Eating from Live Animals

Sanctifying Property

Nochrim' Offerings and Tithes

Burial of Jews by Nochrim

Property a Nochri Sets Aside for Idolatry

Cooking Utensils of Nochrim

Laws of Lineage, Adultery, Incest

Rules of Purity and Impurity for Nochrim

Defrauding and Damaging Nochrim

Testimony by a Nochri

Writing a Torah Scroll

Writing Phylacteries

Writing a Doorpost Scroll

Writing a Bill of Divorce

Delivering a Bill of Divorce

Nochrim and Shabbat

Merging adjacent yards, vis-a-vis transport between the yards on Shabbat, if one of the yards' houses is owned by a Nochri

Nochrim Representing Jews in ritual activities

Nochrim representing Jews in civil matters

Partnership with a Jew



A nochri owning an Eved Ivri

Financial Interest and Nochrim

Their Courts

Theft by a Nochri

Specific Nochrim Appearing in the Talmud

Involvement of Jews in Nochri Society

Using the oil of anointing for a Nochri

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