Kiddushin via Presentation of a Bill

General mention of ability to conduct Kiddushin via a Bill: Kiddushin 2a
The Source for the power of Kiddushin via a Bill: Kiddushin 5a
What should be written in the bill: Kiddushin 9a
The text of the Bill, as a Law Spoken to Moshe at Sinai: Kiddushin 9a
What if the Bill was written without her knowledge: Kiddushin 9b
Altering the text of the Bill for an adult woman as opposed to for a minor: Kiddushin 9a
Whether the bill must have a certain minimal value: Kiddushin 9a
Whether the bill of Kiddushin must be verified as having been written for the people involved: Gittin 10a; Kiddushin 9a-b
The father's ability to assent for his daughter, if she is a minor, regarding this kind of Kiddushin: Kiddushin 3b, 10a
Whether the father may accept a bill for his adult daughter, with her assent: Kiddushin 9a
Having a Kuti witness on the Bill: Gittin 10a
Having a Bill written in Non-Jewish Courts: Gittin 10a
Revoking the power presented to a proxy to deliver a Bill marrying a woman: Gittin 10a
What if the bill was written for the father, and she accepted it for him: Kiddushin 9a

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