Mar Zutra

Claiming that a non-canonized lesson which wa a contemporary of the Mishnah may be unreliable, if it opposes an interpretation of a Mishnah: Pesachim 99b-100a
Refused to eat the fruit brought by Mari bar Isak's worker, although Ameimar and Rav Ashi ate it, even after Mari appeared and approved; was afraid that Mari was only approving out of embarrassment: Bava Metzia 22a
Rav Ashi and Ameimar called Mar Zutra "Mar [Master]": Bava Metzia 22a
Mar Zutra visited Mar bar Rav Ashi and corrected him on a religious practice. Mar bar Rav Ashi explained that he had not been paying attention to the issue ["Lav Adatai" as explained by Rashi there]: Berachot 26a
Ameimar, Mar Zutra and Rav Ashi were at a blood-letter; Ameimar was able to identify which fluids were blood and which were not, but Rav Ashi was not, and so Rav Ashi disqualified himself from examination of menstrual bloodstains: Niddah 20a
Mar Zutra visiting Rav Ashi, who offered him meat from a firstborn animal as especially healthy, and then got into a debate about use and sale of a firstborn animal: Temurah 8b-9a
Mar Zutra visited R' Yehudah Hindvaah, who was a convert, while he was dying, and then took control of his avadim when he died: Kiddushin 22b-23a

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