Rava's Private Legal Practices

Cooling off on Yom Kippur: Yoma 78a
Special Yom Kippur Shoe: Yoma 78b
Used to fast two days consecutively on Yom Kippur, in case it was the wrong one, and once it was found that he had been right: Rosh HaShanah 21a
The extent to which he went, to keep from having living creatures present during sexual relations: Niddah 17a
Whether he made a blessing on Phylacteries if he removed them momentarily to use the bathroom: Succah 46a
Rava put burnt, dried grain into cooking food on Pesach: Pesachim 40b
Rava gave his wife meat with the Forbidden Fat intact on Friday, because she was expert in removing it: Chagigah 5a
Put a knife on raw meat, to permit carrying the meat on Shabbat: Shabbat 142b
In the above case, Rava said that he actually had use for the meat, but he was being stringent to prevent errors by others: Shabbat 142b
Wore a new, colored Roman tunic during his 30-day mourning period: Moed Katan 23a
Told his servant to give the guts of a goose he was cooking on a holiday to the cat; since they would be disgusting, he had had them in mind from the day before: Shabbat 142b-143a
Drank wine all day on the day before Pesach, to increase his appetite: Pesachim 107b-108a
What he ate for the meal on Pesach night: Pesachim 114b
Said that learning should refine one's actions, and that learning must be with a pure intention: Berachot 17a
Rava [or perhaps Rabbah] was expert in recognizing Babylonian currencies, but he did not feel that he was expert enough to distinguish between types of blood for certain rulings: Niddah 20b
His Version of "Neilah" Prayer ending Yom Kippur: Yoma 87b
Removing seeds of dates which were too good for fodder on Shabbat, via a trough of water: Shabbat 143a
Rava reversing the sides in a Mishnah to match known views of the Sages involved: Bava Metzia 7b
R' Chiyya bar Avin reporting how Abayye and Rava leaned while reciting the Prayers of Supplication [Tachanun]: Megillah 22b-23a
Rabbah and Rava's arguments on the laws of "
Separations" for various rituals: Succah 37a-b
Series of Stringencies Enacted to Prevent Violation of Shabbat: Shabbat 141a
Rava would not allow his servant to use a human wall to transport barrels through an area on Shabbat, after the first time he had done so; Rava was concerned that the people would be aware they were serving this purpose, and so it would be forbidden: Eruvin 44b
Rava's approval when his brother, Rava, took Jews who were sinful and made them into avadim: Bava Metzia 73b

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