Rava's Personal Anecdotes and Characteristics

Rava's advice to his children: Berachot 8b
Rava's Livelihood was provided from Heaven: Yoma 75b
Rava was an important person: Shabbat 142b
Rava showing respect to elders, but not standing: Kiddushin 33a
Rava used to have his aides offer their hands to elderly passersby, for them to lean on: Kiddushin 33a
Rava's concern about personal "Mazal": Nedarim 40a
Rava would tell people to keep knowledge of his illness private, initially, but if it progressed he would tell them to publicize it, so that his enemies would rejoice [and consequently suffer themselves], and his friends would pray for him: Nedarim 40a
Prayer before Entering Court: Yoma 86b-87a
Rava appointed interpreters for witnesses, because he did not know how to respond in their tongue: Makkot 6b
Rava's daily prayer admitting sin after the Amidah: Berachot 17a, Yoma 87b
Rava said that even being bitten by a louse would so distract him that he couldn't learn: Eruvin 65a
Rava salted fish for Shabbat himself: Shabbat 119a; Kiddushin 41a
Exclaiming "By Gd [HaElokim]!": Eruvin 14b; Megillah 10a; Gittin 13b; Bava Metzia 16b
Play on words, "VeChi Chulda Neviah Hi? [Is the Chulda/Rodent a Prophet?]": Pesachim 9b
Play on words, reading "Chas" [Mercy] into "Chasa" [Lettuce; Hashem is merciful in allowing us to use lettuce for Bitter Herbs for Pesach]: Pesachim 39a
Either Rava or Raveina cited a popular declaration, "It is better to have one sharp pepper than a basketful of gourds": Megillah 7a
Rava said, of a difficult question, "May it be Gd's will that I see the answer in a dream": Menachot 67a
Rava declared, "How foolish are people who stand before a Torah, and not before a Torah scholar, when a Torah scholar can provide an interpretation which runs counter to the Torah's literal words!": Makkot 22b
Priding himself for refusing to sleep until he could find merit for a Tzurba MeiRabbanan [Young Torah Scholar] in a court case: Shabbat 119a
Rava chastising a man who was praying for another man to fail in his pursuit of a specific spouse: Moed Katan 18b
Counting ceiling-boards to keep track of his drinking, to prevent a Magical "Zugot" problem: Pesachim 110a
Rava said that he would prefer flax-soaked water to liquor, and that a liquor drinker deserves to become too poor to afford wine: Pesachim 107a
Rava adjudicating a case of overcharging for merchandise: Bava Metzia 51a
Rava on diluting wine: Shabbat 77a; Eruvin 29b
Rava specifically drank 3-year-old wine after blood-letting: Shabbat 129a
Rava drank wine from Cups used with Special Blessings to display love for the Mitzvah: Succah 49b
Refused to go to Bei Avidan for debates, giving excuses to avoid it: Shabbat 116a
Rava's test by Ifra Hormiz and her son, Shevor Malka: Niddah 20b
Rava having Bar Avin, a known poet and eulogizer, compose a poem before they crossed the Diglat River: Moed Katan 25b
Rava said that his requests for Rav Huna's wisdom and Rav Chisda's wealth were granted, but not his request for Rabbah bar Rav Huna's humility: Moed Katan 28a
Rava asking a question on his own teaching ["UMotvinin AShemaatin"]: Menachot 49a
Rava provided an answer to a question, and then said, "That was not a good answer [Lav Milta Hi deAmri]" and provided another answer: Makkot 8a, 8b
Rava presenting the rationale for his own view and for that of those who disagreed with him: Eruvin 8b
Upon hearing of R' Yirmiyah's contempt for a statement of the Babylonian students, Rava first asked, "Why do you tell him of our bad statements?" Rava then reversed himself, and defended the statement: Menachot 52a
How Rava began his teaching of the Purim Story: Megillah 11a
R' Yochanan said, "The early ones [a reference to R' Akiva or R' Elazar ben Shamua] had hearts like the entrance to the Temple's large hall, and the later ones [a reference to R' Elazar ben Shamua or R' Oshia Berebi (Berebi=leader of his generation)] like the entrance to the Temple's smaller hall, and ours are like the eye of a clothes-needle." Abayye added, "Our ability to understand is like that of a peg jammed into a small hole in a wall." Rava added, "Our minds' ability to understand is like a finger stabbing into thick wax." Rav Ashi added, "We forget as easily as a finger fits into a cistern's entrance.": Eruvin 53a
Rava said: When I pass on, R' Oshia will come out to greet me, because I explained mishnayot to match his braitot: Bava Metzia 62b-63a

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