Korach's Rebellion

Korach got one of the 3 troves of gold which Joseph left in Egypt: Pesachim 119a
The size of the keys to Korach's storehouses: Pesachim 119a
Korach's Cronies gave their wives the Sotah Warning against being alone with Moses: Moed Katan 18b
The summoning of Korach to Moses: Moed Katan 16a
The summoning of Datan and Aviram to Moses: Moed Katan 16a
Gd told Moses, "You have enough," as a punishment for Moses having told Korach, "You have enough": Sotah 13b
Moses's warning about the ultimate fate of Korach: Nedarim 39b
The Sun and Moon interceding on Moses's behalf before Gd, during the battle with Korach: Nedarim 39b
Korach wanted that which was not his, and so he even lost that which he had: Sotah 9b
The ability of the Earth to swallow up his wicked associates was Created at Sunset of Day 6 of Creation: Pesachim 54a
Korach's children being saved from a fall into Hell: Megillah 14a
The prophet Samuel was a descendant of Korach: Megillah 14a

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