The "Kiddushin" Stage

Where the term "Kiddushin" comes from: Kiddushin 2b
Whether Kiddushin can be conducted against the Bride's will: Gittin 10a; Kiddushin 2b, 9b
Whether Kiddushin is valid where intercourse will be forbidden: Kiddushin 9b
Marrying conditionally: Yevamot 107a
Where Kiddushin was done conditionally, and then they completed Nisuin without the husband re-mentioning his condition: Yevamot 110a
Kiddushin as a Mitzvah or not: Moed Katan 18b
Kiddushin on the Intermediate Days of Holidays: Moed Katan 18b
What is "acquired" in the transaction: Kiddushin 6b
Whether the couple inherits each other after Kiddushin: Kiddushin 10a
Whether the groom may annul his wife's vows after Kiddushin: Kiddushin 4a, 10a
Whether the groom, if he is a Kohen, may come in contact with his wife's deceased body if they had Kiddushin: Kiddushin 10a; Bava Metzia 18a

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