Annulment of a Vow by a Husband/Parent

A person should always stick to Annulment, rather than keep Vows: Yevamot 109a-b
Ownership of Dough-Tithe, and removal of its designation of dough as Tithe: Pesachim 46b
Annulling a vow of a Nazir: Nedarim 3a, 4b
Annulment of Vows on Shabbat: Shabbat 157a
Annulment of Vows by a father, for a Female Minor: Yevamot 108a; Kiddushin 3b, 10a
Differentiating, in the above line, between Annulment for a Shabbat purpose and for a non-Shabbat purpose: Shabbat 157a
Time limit on how long the husband may do Annulment, whether it is that day or a full 24 Hours: Shabbat 157a
Ability of the husband to annul a part of the vow that has to do with him: Yevamos 112a
Who may annul the vow of a woman while she is post-Kiddushin, if she is between 12 and 12.5 years old: Kiddushin 4a, 10a

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