Doubt vs. Certainty, in Establishing Circumstances

Considering something which occurs twice/thrice, to be a certainty [Chazakah]: Eruvin 97a; Niddah 10a, 64a
Establishing a certainty [Chazakah] that a person is a sinner, by committing three sins: Temurah 27a
In cases of Doubt vs. Doubt, and in Doubt vs. Certainty: Pesachim 9a
Assumption that a Reliable Person removed Terumah and Other Tithes from his Produce: Pesachim 4b, 9a
Assuming that a Rodent ate the Leaven it was seen with on the day before Pesach: Pesachim 9a
Assuming that a Rodent carried a Miscarriage out of a Pit: Pesachim 9a-b
Concern that a living creature will die, vs. assumption that it will remain alive: Succah 23a-24b
Concern that a barrel will break: Succah 24a

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