Shemuel's Personal Legal Practices

Shemuel was even concerned for the rulings of individuals [against the majority]: Megillah 18b
Shemuel's Prayer Admitting Sin: Yoma 87b
Shemuel wanted to establish the calendar for the Exiles on his own, but R' Simlai's father didn't allow him because he didn't know the "secret of adding [to the calendar]": Rosh HaShanah 20b
Shemuel not practicing a leniency he had learned from Rav, for himself: Ketuvot 22a-b
Permitted [and even used himself] use on Pesach of barley which had been soaked, so long as it had not fully split: Pesachim 40a
Changing the sides of a debate when retelling it, so that people would hold like Rebbe in it against the majority opinion: Pesachim 27a
Made a new Kiddush beginning Shabbat if he moved from the roof [attic?] to the main floor of a house: Pesachim 101a
In Neherdaa they had classes in Prophets/Writings on Shabbat afternoon: Shabbat 116b
Removing seeds of dates which were too good for fodder, via bread: Shabbat 143a
Shemuel considered a Rabbi his Rebbe, to tear clothing when he died, because he had taught him the path of the streams which ran from the Temple: Bava Metzia 33a
Shemuel considered the town of Neherdaa a Karmelit even though its doors weren't closed: Eruvin 6b

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