Bilaam, Job and Yitro were Pharaoh's advisors. Bilaam said to kill the Jewish babies, and so he was killed. Job was silent and so he was doomed to suffer. Yitro rebelled and fled, and so he merited to have children who would sit on the High Court [Sanhedrin]: Sotah 11a
Gd refusing to "get angry" at the Jews during Bilam's attempt to use Hashem's anger to Curse the Jews: Berachot 7a
Potential Inclusion of the Torah Section of Balak in Recitation of Shema: Berachot 12b
Bilam's donkey's ability to speak was created at Sunset of Day 6 of Creation: Pesachim 54a
Bilam was lame in one leg: Sotah 10a
Gd guided Bilam along the path which Bilam wanted to pursue: Makkot 10b
Bilam wanted that which was not his, and so he even lost that which he had: Sotah 9b
Who is great in the next world, according to reports by Titus, Bilam and Jews who sinned while here on earth: Gittin 56b-57a
Bilam's posthumous punishment: Gittin 57a

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