Rav Huna bereih DeR' Yehoshua

Labelled a "Non-Learned Youth" by Rav Idi Bar Avin: Pesachim 35a
Rav Huna bereih DeR' Yehoshua was Visited by Rav Pappa by when he appeared to be dying, and Rav Pappa ordered burial shrouds made, and then he survived: Rosh HaShanah 17a
Rava was once serving Rav Pappa, Rav Huna bereih deRav Yehoshua, Rav Mari and Rav Pinchas bereih deRav Chisda, and only the former two stood up in respect for him, leading him to get upset at the latter two for acting as though they were greater than the former two: Kiddushin 32b
Rav Pappa, Rav Huna bereih deRabbi Yehoshua and Rava bar Shemuel sitting at a meal together and discussing who was pure enough to lead for the blessing: Berachot 22b
His Near Death Experience, and why he was allowed to live: Rosh HaShanah 17a
Was known to study the extralegal lessons of Rav Chisda and Rabbah bereih DeRav Huna: Shabbat 89a
Would not travel 4 Cubits with his head uncovered: Kiddushin 31a
Said his reward should be for not travelling 4 Cubits with his head uncovered: Shabbat 118b
Ate New Produce outside of Israel on the 16th of Nisan at night, without concern that it may really be the 16th: Menachot 68b
Removing seeds of dates which were too good for fodder, only after gathering them in a heap which was disgusting enough to use for fodder: Shabbat 143a
Rami bar Abba had a legal question, and took it to Rav Pappa who forbade it, and then to Rav Huna beriah deR' Yehoshua, who forbade it as well: Megillah 26b
Rav Kahana asking a question, regarding certain personal legal customs, of the schools of Rav Pappa and of Rav Huna bereih deR' Yehoshua: Niddah 12b
Rav Pappa and Rav Huna Bereih deR' Yehoshua explaining a law when they came from the yeshiva: Eruvin 12a
The Exilarch asked Rav Huna bar Chinina to fix up a shady area in such a way that it would be usable for Shabbat. Rav Huna bar Chinina made arrangements, which Rava took apart, as he felt they were unnecessary. Rav Pappa and Rav Huna bereih deRav Yehoshua removed the materials, so that Rav Huna bar Chinina could not re-establish his arrangement, but they then realized on Shabbat that he had been correct. The Exilarch cited a verse regarding Rav Pappa and Rav Huna bereih deRav Yehoshua - "They are wise to perform evil, but they don't know how to do good": Eruvin 25b-26a
Rav Huna bereih deR' Yehoshua claimed that the topographical heights and depths of Bei Beiri and Bei Narsh aged him early: Eruvin 56a

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