Sets of Citations of R' Yochanan

Set of general statements: Rosh HaShanah 23a
Set of statements related to Samson: Sotah 10a
Set of statements on Nevuchadnezzar: Shabbat 149b
Set of statements quoted by R' Chiyya bar Abba: Shabbat 114a; Megillah 19b
Set of extra-legal statements: Nedarim 38a
Set of statements on the greatness of rain: Taanit 8b-9a
Set of statements, cited by his students, of financial laws: Bava Metzia 16b-17a
Set of statements on guarding one's property and wealth: Bava Metzia 29b-30a
Set of statements, quoted by R' Chiyya Bar Abba, on Laws of a Torah Scholar's level: Shabbat 114a
Set of statements cited by R' Shefatyah: Megillah 32a
R' Chiyya bar Abba citing a statement of R' Yochanan, and then "smashing it on the head": Megillah 19b [2x]
Set of statements of mourning: Moed Katan 27b
Quoting a set of extra-legal statements of R' Yosi: Berachot 7a
Quoting a set of extra-legal statements of R' Shimon bar Yochai: Berachot 7b
R' Yochanan quoting a set of statements from the People of Jerusalem: Pesachim 113a
Exchanging "R' Yochanan" for "R' Yonatan" in debates in the tractates of the Holidays: Succah 4b; Megillah 7a
Two Sages of the Talmud arguing as to what R' Yochanan said: Shabbat 112b; Eruvin 87b; Gittin 23a; Bava Metzia 38b; Menachot 52b

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