Anecdotes involving other Sages

Asking forgiveness from R' Chanina for not restarting the lesson when he entered: Yoma 87b

Received license to judge cases from R' Chiyya: Sanhedrin 5a

Terming R' Chiyya "Chaviva/Chavivi": Eruvin 12b; Pesachim 117a; Yevamot 102a; Bava Metzia 76b; Makkot 3b, 11a

Labelled "Bar Pachti" by R' Chiyya: Berachot 13b

Labelled "Abba" by Rav Huna: Pesachim 107a

Rav's care in telling R' Chiyya of his parents' death: Pesachim 4a, Moed Katan 20a-b

Rav reporting details regarding R' Chiyya's phylacteries: Makkot 11a

Rav gave Rav Huna license to judge cases: Sanhedrin 5a

Rav telling Rav Hemnuna not to save money in order to leave it to his children; "Who will tell you about them in Sheol? Some people blossom and others wither.": Eruvin 54a

Rav Huna was sitting before Rav, and he questioned a practice of Rav's. Rav exclaimed, "This rabbi is like one who has never learned anything!": Eruvin 15a

Rav Huna told Rav Chanan bar Rava, "Don't disagree with me; Rav went to Damharya and practiced as I have said.": Eruvin 6a

Rav Kahana sought legal advice from Rav when people had given him a down payment to purchase flax, and flax then increased in value before he was due to complete the transaction: Bava Metzia 49a

Rav Kahana expressing perplexity at a comment of Rav in a lecture, because he had arrived lated: Bava Metzia 64a [as explained by Rashi]

Rav instructing Rav Huna in a way to set up a shelter on Shabbat for Rav Huna's rams: Eruvin 102a

Rav blessed Rav Huna for his self-sacrifice in fulfilling the mitzvah of sanctification of Shabbat [Kiddush]; when the blessing came true at the wedding of Rabbah, Rav's son, Rav scolded Rav Huna for not responding to the blessing, "And to Master, too": Megillah 27b

Advice to Ayvo, his son: Pesachim 113a

Advice to Chiyya, his son [Not R' Chiyya]: Pesachim 113a

Rav Sheshet said of one of his lessons, "He must have been dozing when he said this": Yevamot 109b

Rav's Financial dealings with Rav Acha Bardela: Gittin 14a

Rav Chisda terming Rav "Rabbeinu HaGadol - Our Great Rebbe," and adding, "May Gd be in his assistance": Succah 33a-b, 35b

Said that one should never miss time in the Study Hall, lest one miss an explanation such as one given by R' Chananiah Ben Akaviah: Shabbat 83b

Rav said that Chanina ben Chizkiyah should be remembered for good, because he entered an attic with 300 bottles of oil, and resolved all of the difficulties between the text of Yechezkel and the rest of the Torah, to prevent its being sealed away: Menachot 45a

Rav and Rabbah bar bar Chanah observing a man wearing an all-Techelet garment, with Tzitzit-fringes which were all knotted, without anything dangling: Menachot 39a-39b

Was so angered by Karna's test of his knowledge, that he cursed Karna to have a horn emerge from his eyes: Shabbat 108a

Asked Rav Shemuel Bar Shelat to encourage people in his Eulogy: Shabbat 153a

Rav Yehudah bereih deRav Shemuel bar Shelat reported a legal ruling by Rav regarding two laws. Rav denied having rendered the ruling in one of the cases, and Rava objected, arguing that he had, himself, heard the ruling from Rav. Rav had recanted his earlier ruling: Eruvin 14b

Rav recanted on a ruling which opposed R' Yosi's view, because R' Yosi "always has a reason [Nimuko Imo]: Eruvin 14b

Rav Beruna cited a lesson taught by Rav, and R' Elazar couldn't believe Rav had said it. R' Elazar challenged Rav Beruna to show him where Rav was staying, which he did. R; Elazar asked Rav whether he had said it, and Rav confirmed it. R' Elazar challenged the lesson based on another of Rav's statements, and Rav explained the difference.: Eruvin 85a-b

R' Elazar citing a lesson which had been taught in the Study Hall of Rav, when Rav Elazar had been in Bavel: Eruvin 89b

The law follows R' Yochanan over Rav except in three cases: Beitzah 4b, 5b [bottom]

Rav identifying R' Elazar as "Tuvina daChakimi" - the best of the sages: Keritot 13b

Rav taught a lesson. Rav Kahana and Rav Asi challenged it, and Rav was silent. Rav Sheshet then defended it, though: Bava Metzia 69b

Rabbah bar bar Chanah's indigent porters broke his wine barrel carelessly, and he confiscated their cloaks for payment. Rav made him return the cloaks and pay their wages, to transcend his legal obligations [lifnim mishurat hadin]: Bava Metzia 83a

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