"Le'Atid Lavo" - In the Future to Come

Gd will expand Jerusalem: Pesachim 50a
What will happen to the Synagogues and Study Halls of Bavel: Megillah 29a
People will devote everything to Temple Use: Pesachim 50a
The Temple will not need to engage in business for its upkeep: Pesachim 50a
The Righteous People will receive one of the 3 troves of gold which Yosef left in Egypt: Pesachim 119a
No nation will rule over the Jews: Megillah 11a
The Crowns which the Jews lost at the Golden Calf, and Moshe received, will be returned to them: Shabbat 88a
Gd as a crown for the righteous: Megillah 15b
Feast of Gd for the righteous; in the merit of Yitzchak: Pesachim 119b
King David leading the Blessing after Meals with the Cup of Wine for the Blessing at that meal: Pesachim 119b
The Jews will turn to Gd for rebuke, instead of the Patriarchs: Shabbat 89b
Avraham and Jacob refusing to defend the Jews, saying they should be destroyed for their sins: Shabbat 89b
Yitzchak defending the Jews, pointing to "Na'aseh VeNishma" and offering to take the brunt of some of the few sins they commit: Shabbat 89b
Death will be swallowed up: Moed Katan 28b
The death of the Evil Inclination: Succah 52a
The eulogy for the Evil Inclination: Succah 52a
"In the future" there will be a circle of the righteous in the Garden of Eden, and Gd will be among them so clearly that each of them will be able to point: Taanit 31a
The Sun as medication for the righteous, and source of punishment for the wicked: Nedarim 8b

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