Personal Legal Practices

Adding a Prayer to the end of the Amidah, for Gd to have mercy on the Jews: Berachot 16b
Considered it a Disgrace of Gd if he traveled Four Cubits without Torah & Phylacteries: Yoma 86a
His Prayer Admitting Sin: Yoma 87b
R' Yochanan used to take on vows of fasting, and he was scrupulous in keeping them: Makkot 24a
Read Shema while leaning on his side: Berachot 13b; Niddah 14a
Declared, "Because we imagine it [to be so], shall we then rule this way practically?!": Gittin 19a
Wanted to set up the 10th of Av instead of the 9th to commemorate the Destruction of the Temple: Taanit 29a
Rescinded a woman's vow, when she admitted that she would not have vowed if she would have known that it would cause neighbors to gossip evilly about her family: Nedarim 21b-22a
Rabbah bar bar Chanah reported on what Rabbi Yochanan did with his holy scrolls and phylacteries when entering the bathroom: Berachot 23a-b

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