Shemuel's Characteristics

Title of "Mar Shemuel": Berachot 19a; Eruvin 6b, 74b, 81a, 102a; Beitzah 14b; Kiddushin 21b; Bava Metzia 15a, 16b, 70a
Shemuel was a Kohen: Megillah 22a
Shemuel lived in Neherdaa: Shabbat 116b
Shemuel was nicknamed "Shevor Malka," the name of a ruler of the time: Pesachim 54a
Shevor Malka once killed 12,000 Jews, and Shemuel didn't tear his clothing over it because they had antagonized Shevor Malka: Moed Katan 26a
Shemuel used to juggle 80 glass cups of wine to entertain Shevor Malka: Succah 53a
Shevor Malka expressed pride to Shemuel in the fact that he never killed Jews [without cause]: Moed Katan 26a
Shemuel as a doctor: R. Shabbat 108a "Ochleih"
Shemuel would not pray in a house which held strong-smelling liquor, due to the distraction: Eruvin 65a
Set of comments by Shemuel on astronomy and the seasons: Eruvin 56a
Set of quotations, cited by Mar Ukva, on various medications: Shabbat 108b-109a
Shemuel using the phrase "There is no concern [Bait Meichush] here at all" regarding a case under discussion: Kiddushin 5b [2x]
The Talmud pitting Shemuel's statement against his father's statement: Beitzah 9a
Challenging Cookware Merchants to price their wares fairly, threatening that otherwise he would reveal, against Rav's Ruling, that people do not need to destroy certain vessels before Pesach: Pesachim 30a
Challenging Myrtle Merchants to price their wares fairly, threatening that otherwise he would publically rule like R' Tarfon to allow certain damaged myrtles for use for the Mitzvah of Raising the 4 Species on Succot: Succah 34b
Shemuel had certain gardeners whipped for using a human chain as a wall, to permit carrying water to an area on Shabbat. This is permitted only if the people do not know they are being used in this manner: Eruvin 44b
Shemuel's daughters were taken as captives, and they made themselves legally permissible to their husbands: Ketuvot 23a
Shemuel didn't have Sons: Shabbat 108a
Dessert he used to eat: Pesachim 119b
Said that salting was bad for turnips: Shabbat 108b
Shemuel consulted sailors for the translation of a detergent named "Ashleg": Shabbat 90a
Would go to Bei Avidan for debates but not to Bei Nitzrifi: Shabbat 116a
Showing Avlet that Mazal doesn't affect those who practice Mitzvos: Shabbat 156b
Shemuel said to Rav Matna, "Don't sit down until you have explained the following lesson to me!": Makkot 3b
Shemuel asked his mourning brother, Pinchas, why he hadn't cut his fingernails; Pinchas responded, "Would you be so callous with your own mourning?" and in the end Shemuel suffered a loss, too, illustrating the power of careless speech: Moed Katan 18a
Shemuel observed an odd incident resulting in a death, and observed that Gd's order is inevitable: Nedarim 41a
Shemuel stating that if he had been present at a certain verdict of earlier Sages, he would have argued differently: Megillah 7a
How he began his teaching of the Purim Story: Megillah 11a
Shemuel was once given bread made from a mixture of grains; he threw it to the dogs. Alternatively, the bread may have been baked over a fire fueled by dog excrement: Eruvin 81a
Shemuel had a large mortar used to block his door; it was large enough to hold 15 Seah: Eruvin 102a
What happened to a person who said bad things about Shemuel after he had died: Berachot 19a
Shemuel set up an "Amora" - a speaker to amplify his words - and taught a lesson: Taanit 8a
The controversial way that Mar Ukva's orphans lent out a pot to Shemuel: Bava Metzia 70a

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