Angels' Specific Activities

Defending the Jews to Gd: Gittin 7a
Angels do not do [tiring] work: Shabbat 89a
Angels are expert in knowing the ins and outs of Embryology: Nedarim 20b
Arguing with Angels' statements of Law: Nedarim 20a, 20b
Angels' Shifts in Heaven: Berachot 3a
Number of Angels' Shifts: Berachot 3b
Moses was put into the sea on the 21st of Nisan, and the angels protested that he shouldn't suffer on the water on the date when he was destined to sing to Gd by the Sea: Sotah 12b
Moses was put into the sea on the 6th of Sivan, and the angels protested that he shouldn't suffer on the water on the date when he was destined to receive the Torah: Sotah 12b
The Angels' desire to praise Gd when he drowned the Egyptians, and Gd's rebuke to them: Megillah 10b
The Angels pushing the Jews forward, when they were repelled by the Commandments at the Giving of the Torah: Shabbat 88b
Angels for each nation, and their actions affect humanity: R. Berachot 17a "BePamalya"
Angels arguing with Moshe for the right to the Torah: Shabbat 88b-89a
Angels asking Gd why the Jews don't say the Hallel-Prayer of Praise on Rosh HaShanah: Rosh HaShanah 32b
Gifts of Angels, including the Angel of Death, to Moshe: Shabbat 89a
The Angel who was trying to kill someone at the circumcision of Moshe's son: Nedarim 31b-32a
The 3 Angels who accompanied Esther to Achashverosh, and aided her in gaining his approval and sceptre: Megillah 15b
Esther first pointing to Achashverosh in identifying the Jews' enemy, then an Angel turning her hand toward Haman: Megillah 16a
Angels in Achashverosh's garden uprooting the trees and telling Achashverosh that it was done at Haman's behest: Megillah 17a
An angel pushing Haman down on Esther's bed, as Achashverosh entered: Megillah 16a
Achashverosh was planning to protest the Jews' pillage of their enemies, to Esther; an Angel slapped him and he changed his sentence: Megillah 16b
Rav Safra adding a Prayer after the Amidah, for Gd to make Peace among the Angels and among the Students of Torah: Berachot 16b-17a
Angels Understanding Aramaic: Tos. Berachot 3a #5
2 Angels who bless one who says "VayeChulu" on Friday night: Shabbat 119b
2 Angels, one positive and one negative, who come to judge homes on Friday night to see whether they are properly prepared for Shabbos: Shabbat 119b
2 Angels who slingshot the Souls of the wicked through Limbo after Death as Punishment: Shabbat 152b
Joshua and an Angel at Gilgal: Megillah 3a-b
Shemuel's father and Levi leaving a synagogue on hearing Angels approaching: Megillah 29a
Rav Sheshet was sitting in a synagogue, and when angels and the Manifestation of Gd's Presence approached, he asked that they leave rather than make him leave, as he was blind; they acquiesced to his request: Megillah 29a
An angel appeared to Rav Ketina, and chided him for wearing clothing which was exempt from Tzitzit-Fringes: Menachos 41a
Angels informing R' Yochanan ben Dahavai of certain causes of certain deformities in people: Nedarim 20a, 20b
Daniel perceived a group of Angels, although Chananiah, Mishael and Azariah did not; their Mazal did, though: Megillah 3a
The Angels defending the Jews to Gd at the time of Purim: Megillah 12b

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